2018-2020 Road Map and Pesetacoin Philosophy

Long term strategy

Pesetacoin long term strategy is to be the future day a day for the spaniards, focusing on making merchants and users life easier.

Our objective is to be the real adoption leaders in Spain. We do understand that merchants and users want to enjoy the last technology the cryptospace can provide and that’s why we do analyse all the innovations available to include in Pesetacoin the most useful ones for our merchants and users.

Knowing the competece is fierce and that our objective is to be real adoption leaders between spanish merchants and users, we cannot obviate the technology is in early adopter stage and we still have a long way before Pesetacoin achieves mainstream. That’s why during this year (2017) and the next one we’ve been and we gonna be focused in developers and investors area. This will not mean we are not doing anything in user/merchants areas.

For 2020 we have set ourselfes very ambitious objectives but we believe it can be achieved if we keep working as we’ve done until now and the cryptospace keeps evolving. Fortunately, in Spain, people wants to see Peseta back and if it’s backed by the new blockchain technology and is also limited supply, we can expect that the interest will grow and adoption rate will surpass any expectations.

Workload by sectors

To achieve the objetives we have set and that you can see in the image above, we have four work areas: devs, investors, merchants and users. Let’s see their importance in the main objectives.


In this area we include all innovations that will be used in the future by service creators. As an example, we can found “I made this” in our 2018 roadmap. This one will be used to timestamp documents in Pesetacoin blockchain, allowing to create a notary service based that will provide a safe storage for valuable documents during long periods of time.

The work made in this area is very important because it will be used in the future by the entrepreneurs to create services that will make user and merchant life easier and will make grow and improve Pesetacoin ecosystem.


In this area we include all tools and apps that make investors store their coins in a easy and safe way during a long time without having to worry about risk associated to exchanges or hackers.

Since we still have a long way until mainstream, is very important that investors can have the widest range of tools to store their coins because the easiest and more secure investors feel, the more investors we will have.

It’s important to note that investors are very important for two reasons. The first one is because they are the ones pushing the price up in a stable and continued way, which means our funds are more valuable and therefore we can develop more and faster; and the seconds reason is because they will be future users once they decide their investment has grown enought.


In this area we include all tools that will make life easier for merchants. As an example, we have Prestashop plugin that will make that every single store using Prestashop can accept Pesetas by just including the plugin in their store.

Since our final objective is to be the day a day currency for spaniards, we cannot achieve mainstream if we don’t have merchant adoption. As we have explained before 2018 won’t be the merchant year, but that doesn’t mean we won’t increase a lot our merchant base.

Our objective is to start attracting small merchants and while we keep moving forward we’ll be focusing on bigger merchants. As we all know, being accepted by one of the top merchants in Spain will mean a big increase in our merchant base but we all also know that being accepted by a top merchats takes a lot of time and effort.


In this area we include all tools that will make life easier for users, both for paying merchats as for P2P. Most of tools are both useful for merchants and users, so that’s a positive point.

The number of active users we have nowadays is almost nonexistant since 99% of people involved are in the investor phase and they expect their investment to keep growing before using them. As long as we keep moving forward and the price growing we’ll start to see people moving from the investor position to the user one.


We expect 2018 to be a very active year, but let’s start from the last month of 2017.

The 15th december we’ll announce the “Merchant Map” where are merchants accepting Pesetas will be included. This is were the users will be able to check which merchants in their area or sector are accepting Peseta and use it.

To promote this announcement and attract the first merchants we have prepared a promotional campaing that will please both merchants and users. From one side we have stickers and some prizes for the first merchants and by the other side we have 50 t-shirts and 25,000 PTC for the ones taking part in the Twitter draw.

On january, we do have the Android & iOS app launch, which will mean a big move forward since we expect the first users to start visiting the shops in the merchants map and giving Peseta a real use.

On february, we will present “I made this” to start attracting entrepreneurs ready to use Pesetacoin blockchain for other purposes other than sending and receiving money.

For march, we do have news for all the community. First will be to release the new website with a new desing and a new structure. And the same month, we’ll launch the forum with some interesting features that the community will love.

In april, we are releasing the new version of Electrum-Peseta. We’re now using v.2.2.1 and we will be releasing v.3.0 which have some more features for merchants and also a few improvements in security that inverstors will love.

The next month we will be presenting Copay-Peseta and DrupalCommerce, WordPress y Prestashop plugins. The news including third party companies we have include them in the “May – December” group since we can not assure an exact day for the announcement, but we will announce them as soon as we know them.

As we get closer to may, we will present a new roadmap detailing the next 6 months and making a report of the progress we’ve done. Advance that we’re working on a site to make a continued tracking of the objectives trought APIs.


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