How to buy Peseta with euros

This guide will teach step by step how to buy Peseta with euros in an easy way. The first thing we need to make is to download a Peseta wallet.

If you don’t know how to do it, check this tutorials:

Once we have an address to store our Pesetas, we go to exchange.


Click on “Create new account” (top right).

You have to fill in form:

  1. Name.
  2. Email address.
  3. Password. Very important: It has to be a safe password. Letters, numbers and atleast 12 characters. 
  4. Confirm Password.
  5. Country.
  6. Receive useful tips and notificacions. Uncheck if you’re not interested in receiving news from Litebit.
  7. I agree to the Litebit terms and conditions.
  8. Click on “Create my account”.


Once we have clicked on “Create my account”, the system will send an email to the provided address to verify the account.


Click on “Activate my LiteBit account” to verify the account. After that, go to the website and click in “Sign in now” to access your account.


Great! You’re already registered and loged in.


If we don’t buy more than 75€ per day, we don’t need more verification. Skip this next step if you’re not buying more than 75€.

This “Tier 1” verification is to buy from 75€ to 350€ per day. To start the verification process, click on “Get verified now!”.


Once we have clicked on “Get verified now!”, we need to introduce our phone number and we’ll receive an SMS. Click on “Send verification code”.


In a few seconds, we’ll receive an SMS that you have to introduce in the “Confirmation code” field and click on “Validate verification code”.


After that you’ll see the “Tier 2” verification, that you need to complete if you want to buy more than 350€ per day.


Now, we’re buying some Pesetas! In the top of the website, click on PTC (Pesetacoin).


In the next screen we need to complete the next info:

  1. €. The amount of euros we want to buy. The system will calculate the amount of Pesetas that you’ll be buying.
  2. Receiving address. Introduce the address where you want to receive the Pesetas.
  3. Payment Method. Chose the payment method you prefer. We will continue with the SEPA BANKWIRE (bank transfer).

The commission changes depending the payment method you use.



Click on “I agree to the Litebit terms and conditions” and then Next.


We now have the amount and info we need to complete to make the bank transfer.

Important notice: Bank transfers can take up to 3 working days. Once it’s hits Litebit bank account they will recalculate the amount of Pesetas it’s worth your €. Therefore the amount shown previously and the amount of Pesetas received might change. 

The info you need to complete is:

  1. Country of destiny. Netherlands.
  2. Bank.
  3. Bank account name.
  4. Bank account number.
  5. BIC.
  6. Transaction message. You need to introduce this message as transfer concept.
  7. Transaction amount.

Important notice: Banks will charge an extra commission for the transfer. 

With these last step, the process will be completed. Congratulations!


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