Vuelta A España 2018 – Draw rules

The draw will be carried on between the ones who have selected on of the winner of the category.

The categories are: Winner of the General and winner of the Mountain in Vuelta a España 2018.

You can chose or change the selected cyclist for each category until the 31th September 22:00 spanish time.


From the total prize:

70% will be destined for the General winner draw

30% will be destined for the Mountain winner draw


In each category the prize will be distributed this way:
60% will go for the first winner
30 % will go for the second winner
9% will go for the third winner
1% will go for 
@Peseta_bot faucet

The 18th September of 2018 at 22:00 spanish time, there will be a draw between the people who has chosen the winner cyclist in any of the categories. The draw will be based on the Pesetacoin blockchain.

Each participant gets his own number when signing up in the bot.

The 17th September at 22:00 spanish time, we will publish the winner cyclist of each category as well as the participants that will be able to win the draw.

The 18th September at 22:00 spanish time, the draw will start.

The winners will be elected using the Pesetacoin blockchain in this way:

Each person can only win one prize in each category.

First draw will be to see who are the winners of the General draw and once the winners are decided, the draw of the Mountain will start.

  • The block hash that will be used will be the next one of the block found after the 18th September of 2018 22:00 Madrid time. In case a block is found at  2018-9-18 22:00:00 (Madrid time) won’t be used. It will be used if it’s at 2018-9-18 22:00:01 (Madrid time).
  • The reference blockexplorer is CryptoID because they’re an indenpent company. (
  • The method to chose the winners in the next one. If the total participants number is below 1000, we will use the first 4 number avoiding the first one. That means, we will use the first 5 numbers but the first one won’t be valid.  If the participants number is between 1000 and 10000, we will use the first 5 numbers avoiding the first one. That means we will use the first 6 numbers, but the first one won’t be valid.
  • Block hash example: 1be102706f88c5f4ab90a699b3624b254c937daf0964adb5333d6f6e9f0458fb 
  • In this case the winner is: 10270.
  • Second block hash example: 34bbf124925a2f28f407071960643c360b2636254f4b82b3f86bab97851aa710 
  • In this case the winner is: 41249.

In case the winner number is not associated with any participant, the next block blockhash will be used. The process will continue until the three winners are found.

The winners will be contacted by Telegram to be notified.




To participate join the telegram group ( or direcly to the bot (

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